I’m going can make the daring request of you the reader, to react to these writings with a thinking brain instead of a jerking knee. They’re going to require active participation of brain cells. I understand fully that this leaves the majority of leftists out entirely, but there really isn’t a great deal I can do about that.

I have watched the latest bedwetting coming from the left about comments from president Donald Trump about certain third world countries. The phrase used most often is the now much hackneyed and wildly inaccurate word,” racist”.

Before you start this missing that point, it’s time to consider the success of people like Justice Clarence Thomas, dr. Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, dr. Ben Carson, and so on. If race and racism was really the issue, how would these people have succeeded?

I have often enough said that 99% of what gets passed off as racism these days in particular by the left the most often involves instead culture.

Ponder the idea that we get the government we deserve. That often used phrase gets used most often when we have conservatives in power, and it gets used by liberals who can’t understand why anyone would disagree with liberal politics.

Thing is there is some truth to the matter, human beings do deserve the government that they get. Or more correctly, our culture deserves the government it gets, as do most cultures.

With that in mind, a couple questions:

1: Who invented the concept of government?

2: What purpose would that entity have had in such creation?

One way we can answer those two questions at once, would be to look at what existed as the most powerful force before government was invented, and therefore what was the most likely inventor of government: CULTURE.

If we make the logical assumption that governments were originally created by the individual cultures, then it follows that each culture constructed their respective governments in their own image… governments that best reflected and advanced each culture’s interests.

The original purpose of government, therefore, is to protect, nurture and defend, and if possible expand the influence of, the culture that gave it life. As such, to the greatest of degrees possible, each government’s laws, on the whole, were the culture, codified. It follows, then, that any government holding to the original purpose of government will perform this task.

Now, notice I said to the greatest degree possible. I freely admit… Trumpet, even, that there are no perfect governments, no perfect laws. No law, or government can ever capture in amber, a culture. Cultures are far more complex than any law, however written, can encompass. So it is that laws cannot be the end-call and be-all to a culture, or to a country. Laws when taken too literally and made to apply to all events uniformly, can instead of being just, will instead dispense injustice. It is said that in hell, there will be law and policy and little else. Yet, this imperfect tool did at least manage to provide a mechanism toward the intended purpose… The furtherance of the culture that founded said government. This understanding that there is imperfection in government implies that other values should supersede governmental power when the tool of government doesn’t fit the task at hand well. I submit the highest value applied here should be the values of the culture, not that of the law.

(Which, I would argue is why there are judges which read not only the wording of the laws but then intent of them.)

Now, I hear some of you balking at this, suggesting the right of the individual are paramount; a noble sentiment. But consider this immovable fact:

Rights are not universal.

Yep. That’s what I said…Read it again, just to be sure.

Rights are not universal.

Clearly, this will raise many questions on the part of some. This should answer most;

When Jefferson wrote that “WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT” he was not speaking a universal truth at all. The operative word in that phrase is “WE”.

Rather than talking about a universal point of view, a universal truth, if you will, he was instead talking about the point of view of WE the new American culture. With this angle, many of the long-held myths about rights tend to disappear.

Consider; if it was in fact a universal truth that all men were created equal, it wouldn’t have been such a radical idea, for the time, much less then to now. Last I checked, it is quite true that a vast majority still do not consider these as any kind of truth, universal or otherwise; they consider them to be anything BUT self-evident. Royalty still exists, as do class structures, and slavery, as well.

Again, I say…Jefferson was speaking of the point of view of OUR culture, not that of others.

The fact of the matter is that RIGHTS ARE A CULTURAL CONCEPT, and are nigh on meaningless outside that construct. Once the culture is allowed to fall to the law, even in an attempt to impose rights where they do not exist, what happens to real rights, which are a cultural concept?

When one says “freedom”, the question should be ‘freedom from what’? The answers that come back will invariably be cultural in nature. They do not make any sense outside that environment.

As I’ve said, the law and government has been abused by some, it has moved away from that intended purpose of supporting the existing culture. They are in fact being used by the left to alter that morality, to alter that culture, and when that happens, the fall of the government cannot be far behind… and the fall of the culture itself beyond that, becomes a larger possibility. Often as not, the downfall of that culture is what they have in mind.

That said, Culture is by far a more powerful force than government, over time. Indeed; Where governments have gotten themselves into problems over the centuries, is invariably where governments have tried to alter the culture artificially, by means of law. Culture eventually triumphs.

Take communism, as an example. Communism attempts to over-ride the culture and basically outlaw many facets of it.

But, (and this is important) everywhere you saw Communism.. Russia, Cuba, Korea, East Germany you saw the same treacherous *political* ideology, not the cultural values of those societies. And in those places where communism has been overthrown, the former USSR for example, the original culture invariably springs back to life.

This affects the concept of what is being called Multi-culturalism, as well. Governments that seek to mandate multi-culturalism do not last. Again, the USSR is a fair enough example.

Now, some would, because of those abuses as I mentioned, like to see all governments fall. They feel that governments have no legit purpose. I suggest this is short-sighted, and seeks, in the case of our republican form of government, to remove the only tool available to the end of supporting rights.

The worst of the abusers of government in our country, our culture, given these original purposes, are on the left end of the spectrum. The most visible American mainstream political group that works against these original purposes of government are the Democrat Party.

So if it’s true that Americans deserve the government they get, don’t other cultures as well? Blaming the governments in third world Nations, to a large degree when the culture that placed that government in power is so totally deficient is at the very least inaccurate problem identification from which proper problem rectification will never come.

This is why the massive influx of immigration both illegal and illegal from third world countries has been such a problem for so many Americans.

It’s not racism we’re talking about here, it’s the refusal of said immigrants to be assimilated into American culture.

If we observe closely we will find that the majority of the problems in the countries that these immigrants left were caused by the cultural values embraced there. Does it make sense to assume that these people are going to flourish on their own in an American society that doesn’t insist on dropping the culture and the values that made the places they left the hell hole that they are… When they bring with them the very reason that there former country was so problematic?

Moreover, what happens to our country and our culture when they bring their problematic cultures with them, particularly in the politically correct context of all cultures being equal?

The culture we have gets destroyed. That in fact is the goal of multiculturalists.  And importantly, if you skip up a couple of paragraphs you’ll notice I’ve already asked, what happens to the rights that that culture provides? Is it any wonder that the Believers government are about diluting the American culture and its Independent nature?

Look, Donald Trump was not my guy either, but let’s face it… the reason that the left and so many of the leadership of these hellhole countries are taking such great exception to the president’s statement is because they’re not used to dealing with somebody that actually tells the truth. Why do you think so many of them were backing Hillary Clinton for the White House?