The truth of the matter is Billy that what they’re pissed about is giving more of their dollars, not less.

Think..the majority of the people complaining are in high tax states such as New York New Jersey Pennsylvania California Oregon and so on. In other words, democrat-run States. These states have been subsidized by the rest of the country for generations now because they were able to write off their state taxes. Now, with this new tax bill, they won’t be able to do that anymore.

Now Ponder this. For all of the screeching about tax the rich, what this comes down to is the higher-income people’s in those States who find themselves unable to write off their state-level taxes to the federal government and there for the rest of the country are the ones that are hit the hardest and the ones that are currently screeching the loudest.

Apparently they don’t want to tax the rich after all.

Democrat politicians aren’t happy with, for two reasons. First to forestall rioting they’re going to have to start cutting back on their lavish spending. And they really don’t want to tax the rich anyway because that’s where the Democrat donors are.