Instapundit, today:

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE:Academic: Teachers must prevent ‘assimilation’ of ‘whiteness.’ “Without active, ongoing efforts to cultivate ethnic pride, the paper warns, immigrants and students of color will ‘begin to see how society works’ and learn to emulate those ‘whose behavior is acceptable and rewarded.'”

OK, several comments.

* First this confirms something that I’ve been saying for 20 years here and elsewhere. That being that 90% of what gets passed off as race issues, are really cultural issues.

* Secondly, it shows clearly that the goal of the left is to eliminate outright, the dominance of the mainstream American culture in America. Thereby, the tearing down of society. Japan for example recognize this danger early on. And if you want to kill a society, dilute its culture.

* I observe that it’s nearly impossible to separate by subgroups a unified culture. It is much easier for governments politicians and some extremist groups to do so when we are separated and segregated by subculture. Thus are they more easily controlled.  I do not see such control as a net positive. As an example of where such Division and control leads, there is a reason for example, that India never succumbed to The Lure of socialism. It’s culture was far too strong.

Finally, these people are teaching our young. The danger of that should be clear.