As usual the Democrats are screaming bloody murder over what the Republicans are planning on doing to the tax code. They claim it benefits the rich and attacks the poor, and middle class.

As usual, the Democrats are dead wrong on this.

Let’s say that you are married and your income is $150,000 or less, and you live in a home with a mortgage of $750,000 or less, with property taxes of $10,000 or less, your taxes go down by an average of 3%.

Or, let’s say you’re a family of 3, making less than $100,000 and renting, your tax rate goes down 3% and the increase in the standard deduction decreases your taxable income by $12,000.

But here is why the Democrats object to the tax bill as such…

The people that the Democrats want to tax more, supposedly? The ones making over $400,000 a year living into million-dollar homes in New York California and New Jersey… You know, the high tax States?

They can no longer write off the high state taxes. The write-offs of those state taxes removed all spending limits on those High tax states New York New Jersey and California and gave the rich people in those States basically a free ride; they’re also losing the ability to write off their mortgage interest. The Democrats in those states don’t want to see that free ride come to an end.

Meanwhile the reduction in the corporate rate will of course decrease joblessness and increase wages across the lower and middle income part of the spectrum. Is this really what Democrats are objecting to?

I’ve been saying for 20 years now that the worst thing you could possibly do is you have Democrats precisely what they want. The fact of the matter is their real objection is they really don’t want to tax the rich…..Because that’s where Democrat party donations come from.