I am not much on the power of pray.   However the power of the advocates of homosexual behavior to be utterly stupid seems boundless.  To wit one Very Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth, provost of St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Scottish Episcopal Church of the Anglican Union, from American Thinker:

[Very] Reverend {Kelvin] Holdsworth has issued a public call for prayer that four-year-old Prince George be homosexual and that he one day “find love” with a man rather than a woman. Holdsworth is praying for Queen George I.

Reverend Holdsworth is a prominent British pro-homosexuality activist. The fundamental precept of the reverend’s political movement is that homosexuality is inborn, cannot be changed, and must not be repressed. This despite overwhelming evidence that homosexuality is a complex phenomenon with complex causes. Holdsworth’s prayers of homosexualization are not only for the future, but also for the present. For the sake of his political aims, Holdsworth hopes that the little boy is already indelibly homosexual and will be powerless over that condition throughout life.

I don’t know if Mr. Holdsworth studied Christian theology or homosexual theology.  If he studied either, he seemed to have flunked them.   If Mr. Holdsworth were a Christian he would believe that human life begins at conception.   So Prince George would have been conceived as either a male or female.   Then on the other thumb, if Mr. Holdsworth were but competent in homosexual beliefs talking points  he would have been told to state that homosexuality is decided at the moment of birth.  However, if either theory is correct, Mr. Holdsworth has missed the bus by some four years.

Then imagine if some theologian to pray for Prince George to be heterosexual, that theologian would likely have been condemned as a intolerant, homophobic, bigot.

Remember the more esteemed an idiot, such as Mr. Holdsworth, is the harder it is to educate him.  The good news is that you can always use the idiot for sport.