From Black Man Thinkin’…

The reason some of us ain’t trippin’ about the demise of so-called “Net Neutrality”…

We remember what it was like when AT&T was the only long-distance phone game in town – ANY TOWN – and were brash enough to run ads in which they would guilt folks into using their EXPENSIVE service by TELLING you, “Call your mother”.

The Chicken Littles were out in force then as well, wondering “WHAT WE GON’ DO WITHOUT MA BELL?”


– Pagers/Beepers
– Cell Phones
– Switching and the WWW
– Routing and the continuing Internet Explosion
– Electronic Audio, Video, & Financial Services
– FREE Social Media
– etc., etc., etc.

The government made telecommunications safe for innovation back in the ’80’s and “evil” CAPITALISM did the rest.

You got more stuff than you can use & you get more powerful and less expensive stuff every year… and nobody’s trynta limit their out-of-state calls to 3 minutes because of the cost.

I’ve seen the panic movie before, I know how it ends; miss me with net neutrality angst…


Absolutely correct.

It demonstrates clearly that when government shrinks Freedom grows.

It’s long past time to get the government out of the Telecommunications business, out of the health care business, out of the transportation business, out of the education business, and a great deal more.

It always amazes me when I see the left complaining about governmental failures in these areas and yet their solution is to give the government more responsibilities in those areas.