Beverly Young Nelson admits to adding date and place to alleged Roy Moore inscription in her yearbook. Gloria Allred initially attributed that writing to Moore. Nelson stands by rest of her story.

Of course she does.

The charges that the Democrats have been floating against Roy Moore continues to have less and less credibility.

Consider the cases of Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, Justice Clarence Thomas Yama and so many others who’s the Democrats apparently decided that they couldn’t defeat absence some kind of sexual scandal.

Then consider the Avalanche of Democrat Party supporters, activists, and leaders, whose Behavior was an Open Secret for decades. This is after all the party of Ted Kennedy Bill Clinton, etc.

You know, just now I’m reading some material regards the gods and goddesses of the Greek and Roman Empires. I am struck by a remark I found in one of them that suggests that the reason that the religion no longer has sway was not because the people became corrupt but because their gods did.

The similarity to the Democrat Party whose leadership certainly likes to ascribe to itself a god-like status, is remarkable, I think.

I’ll leave the implications of all that to you.