Letter to President of ABC News – Media Manipulation

James Goldston
President, ABC News
47 West 66th Street
New York City, New York

Via Public Post / Fedex

Re: Brian Ross manipulation of the media

Brian Ross’s latest journalistic mistake relating to Michael Flynn and the Trump Administration proves that he does not have the credibility or the judgment to continue to serve as the chief correspondent for ABC News. In 2012 before the HSBC Bank deferred prosecution agreement I interviewed with Brian Ross for a 1 hour special to air immediately. I will never forget Brian Ross shaking my hand in his office saying “it will air in two weeks.” Brian Ross never aired the tape as a strategic blocking tactic preventing CNN and 60 minutes to broadcast similar stories. I have proven to be more credible than Brian Ross; therefore, ABC news should have the journalistic integrity by airing the interview that would provide American’s the still new, relevant, and never before heard information. Why protect a bank and its executives that finance our enemies? Is it because former FBI Director James Comey used to sit on HSBC’s board? Do you not want to air that maybe the FBI didn’t shut down or prosecute HSBC Bank for financing terror was because James Comey was the head of the FBI? The largest money laundering and terrorist financing banking scandal in U.S. History and no FBI prosecutions? Is ABC news withholding information intentionally? Why not provide a real news story instead of a fake one like on Flynn?

Justice is the guardian of our freedom and the media through freedom of the press begins the process of justice. The American political system must function, so all American’s are being justly represented in Washington by their elected officials. Members of Congress are supposed to act on behalf of their informed constituents, but the process breaks down when American’s are not informed accurately by the press. The United States Constitution engrains Freedom of the Press as an absolute because of the importance of a well-informed public. American citizens must have the power to apply pressure to their representatives in government.

As the HSBC whistleblower, it saddens me that most American’s do not know HSBC Bank exists. The American public does not know about how HSBC Bank continues to put Americans in coffins all for a profit. Worse, HSBC bank was found guilty of the charge of Financing the Enemy from their operations on American soil. The amount of terrorist financing and criminal activities I witnessed at HSBC still keeps me up at night because I know it is continuing. In the interview with Brian Ross and ABC News, I explained precisely how billions of dollars of terrorist funds are intentionally wired to terrorists in OFAC sanctioned countries. I further told how HSBC Bank is responsible for killing Americans and designed a long-term system to defraud the U.S. Government. Brian and I also discussed how the FBI led by James Comey was taking NO action. The American public never became outraged because they never got the chance even to become aware of a significant national security issue. The American people would never have allowed for a “deferred prosecution agreement” if they knew of the facts mentioned above. The ABC news story would and still can give the average American a chance to understand what is happening in an HSBC banking center operating out of a former shopping mall in New Castle, DE. The ABC News story would have delivered the story to a much more comprehensive audience than the smaller previous stories issued.

Do you believe that if the American public knew and understood what is happening at HSBC Bank that the American people would allow it to continue? I ran for U.S. Senate in 2016, and I was shocked when my opponent Senator Pat Toomey (sits on the Senate Banking Committee) was taking campaign donations from a PAC that HSBC Bank formed to buy Senators; hence the bank’s get out of jail free card. I have a proven track record of fighting for what is right, uncovering the truth, and promoting justice. The big question I have is “Why is ABC news withholding a key interview relating to national security that could save American lives, but then issues a false report on the Trump Administration?


Everett A. Stern, M.B.A.

Intelligence Director / Fmr. U.S. Senate Candidate