A blogger and conservative activist, James O’Keefe tried to run a sting on the self-proclaimed Paper of Record, the venerable Washington Post.  O’Keefe got caught, from WaPo:

The woman who approached Post reporters, Jaime T. Phillips, did not respond to calls to her cellphone Monday morning. Her car remained in the Project Veritas [James O’Keeffe’s outfit — RD] parking lot for more than an hour.

Kudos to the WaPo for winning one. What is strange is the the liberal media acts like they just beat the World Champion Houston Astros rather than a Little League team from New Jersey:

If you’ve ever watched a spy movie, you’ll probably recall that the spies never get caught because they left a social-media post under their real name declaring “I’m enrolling in espionage school to become a spy!”

Source,hat tip and reax, American Conservative:

Somehow, conservative donors still keep shelling out cash to James O’Keefe’s outfit. Here’s an idea, y’all: redirect your (tax-deductible) gift to TAC, which publishes actual conservative journalism and commentary.

Wake me up when catching the main stream media vetting their news sources no longer qualifies as news.