Mrs. B.J. Clinton as attributed by April Ryan, via Gateway Pundit:

“Look I worry about everything from his[President Donald Trump] past because it tells you how he behaves in the present and the future.”

So few words.  so much to parse.   Points:

  • Mrs. Clinton purports to be Methodist.   Does she not believe in redemption?   If Mrs. Clinton believes her god could forgive Senator Oldsmobile, and admit him to heaven, why does she refuse to do what Jesus would do, at least with  regards to Republicans.
  • Number Forty, President Ronald Reagan, admitted a to fatal sin, in the eyes of republicans.   To wit to once having been a democrat.   Yet the Gipper convinced the voters, four times, that his view of the Democratic Party had changed.
  • Why does Mrs. Clinton view Little Donny past character flaws to be fatal and irredeemable, but seem to view the character flaws of any democrat as old news, no longer relevant?

Mrs. Clinton, your fifteen minutes have expired.