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I note with interest the current Feeding Frenzy [1] on Al Franken. Bruce McQuain correctly observes [2]:

The question, of course, is will Democrats now apply the Roy Moore standard or the Bill Clinton standard to Franken?

The fact that Franken has not resigned yet, indicates that Franken believes they will apply the Bill Clinton standard. Indeed there are a large number of people already rising up to defend him [3], apparently oblivious to the double standard that they’re operating in…. The majority of them screaming for the head of Roy Moore.

Of course double standards are hardly new for the Democrat Party. After all, we are talking about a group of people who has been encouraging us to open the doors of women’s rooms All Over America to men…. The party who kept electing Ted Kennedy to the Senate for 45 years in spite of or perhaps because of Chappaquiddick, the party of Bill “you better put some ice on that” Clinton and so on …and yet in recent weeks have declared themselves to be the final Arbiter of what is and is not moral sexual behavior.

But the one thing that the left has yet to develop is a sense of History. Clearly, Al Franken is among these. His perception of the fragility of his position is hampered thereby.

As was demonstrated by Jim Traficant some years ago, Democrats will support you up to the point where you threaten their power, and their goal of an ever more powerful and intrusive government.

Become an impediment to that goal by becoming an embarrassment, and you’ll find yourself in Fort Marcy park with two bullets to the back of the head and a gun in your hand that won’t fire.

Regardless of how that comes out, what we are witness to right now is the Democrat Party just starting to get a rough idea of the depth of the pile of dog poop they’ve managed to step in. They’re being judged by their own recently acquired and selectively applied standards now, and it’s not going to end well.