We’re seeing an awful lot of Articles now about Harvey Weinstein and all of the people that he was schmoozing with including a number of top-level Democrats ….and of course John McCain, but I repeat myself.
And who would have thought six months ago that this stuff would be happening? Well, we did here. Mind, not Weinstein particularly, but Hollywood, certainly the Democrats certainly and the establishment from both parties.
We’ve been saying for a long time that the culture simply put was being pushed too far… And that’s precisely What’s Happening Here. A fatal error has been made and we’re now seeing the consequences of that error. I for one am not surprised and in fact I’m extremely pleased. It means we actually stand a chance of saving this culture.
What we are seeing right now is the American culture finally hitting the international “enough” line.
Think on this for a minute. The NFL, Weinstein and with that, Hollywood as a whole, the flat-out rejection of the pig in a pantsuit and all the criminality that she represents…. The election of Donald Trump, the rejection of the establishment in both parties,…Indeed just about every major Story coming up lately on the domestic front is the American culture rising up to protect itself and reestablish itself. As I said as regards the fall of the Soviet Union, the culture will always Prevail. Yes, sometimes it takes a while, but you can put your money on the culture winning out eventually.
Once that Tipping Point is reached, all the stuff that’s been hidden for years suddenly starts coming out as the people who benefited from the Clique now being rebelled against, see which way the wind is blowing and understanding that there’s only one way they can save their sorry backsides.
I doubt it will help them, but it’s amazing the number of Stories we already knew that come out of such confessions.
There’s a number of people who point the finger of blame at Donald Trump for this happening, or praise from his supporters, but the fact of the matter is Trump is a symptom not the cause of the downfall of the….. shall we call them the “dirty Democrats”? There’s been a rebellion coming for some time and Trump just happened to ride that particular wave. And as I’ve been saying for several months now, I think we could have made a better choice, but there it is.
Personally, I consider watching all this to be more entertaining than anything Hollywood has come up with lately.Popcorn, anyone?