Go ahead, explain to me how additional government regulation would have solved this problem.

Two Amtrak maintenance workers were using opioids or cocaine when they were struck and killed south of Philadelphia last year by a passenger train whose engineer had marijuana in his system, according to federal officials.

The Congressional response Is tragically predictable..

The revelation and the nationwide opioid epidemic led House Democrats on Tuesday to ask Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao to require transportation industry workers — truck drivers, bus drivers and railroad operators — to be tested for four prescription opioids.

The trouble of course is that these things have been regulated for quite some time now, as even the article suggests. Since we see that the government regulation in place has worked so very well, the obvious question that springs from this is what good additional regulation what do? Obviously, none. But when all you have is hammers, every problem is a nail.

Keep in mind that this is a government-run rail system. Can you imagine private entities where this occurred not being driven out of business by the government? But since this is already a government-run system, nothing at all will happen.

Just go about your lives, citizens. Nothing to see here. Oh, and do continue to use public transit. We have to save the planet.