Say what you will about the NFL… I will in all probability accept what you say without argument.

However I will say this also. It is probably one of the last places on Earth that is run on pure meritocracy. In other words, you either produce or you’re gone. The ones who can produce very well get paid very well.

It seems to me that the claims of Colin Kaepernick that the reason he’s not getting a job in the NFL because of racism are on their face the highest grade of fertilizer, given that the number of successful ( multi-millionaire) black players is higher in fact then any other racial subgroup.

I’ve said I’ve said it before and I will say it again Colin Kaepernick’s level of play, his skill-set simply wasn’t there and his mouth didn’t help the situation at all. He deserves what he gets.

That said it seems to me that what is being demanded in cases such as Kaepernick’s is the end of pure meritocracy in sports, in the name of “equality”.

And mind you, that situation is in large part separate from his publicly expressed anti-American attitude that is drawn so much ire from the fans.

It seems to me that the American public is reached a threshold in the recognition that their culture their values their very lives are under attack. The reaction to the NFL is part and parcel of a reaction to all of that on many different fronts… The NFL being only one of many.

I’ll be discussing this one further as time goes on of course.