Michelle Obama, thinks of women as a democrat cattle class.  That is they should just shut up and do as told, just like cattle.   Inez Feltscher Stepman, Federalist:

“As a white woman, I personally find this [lack of a unanimous female vote] to be extremely disappointing,” laments Lauren Levinson on the popular fashion and beauty site PopSugar. “No matter what your stance on the economy, foreign policy, or other issues, we women must rally together to elect a candidate in 2020 who openly respects our gender, takes sexual assault seriously (and hasn’t been accused of it), and will actively campaign on behalf of women’s rights, be it the choice to have an abortion or equal pay.”


One, white men do not vote a unified block, and nobody dares to suggest they should. So why does Ms Levinson want to deny to women the some power to think for themselves as men.

Two, why does Ms Levinson simple dismiss economics, save for so-called equal pay, and foreign policy.  Are women voters not suppose to care about their husband’s or children’s ability to support her family.

Three, Ms Levinson is confused.   Women are not a gender, a property of nouns, but rather a sex.   Ms Levinson confuses a god given trait with a mere social construct.

Four, as to sexual assault, the term is so vague as render it meaningless.   Needless to say, specific crimes should be reported to the appropriate legal authorities.

Five, does Ms Levinson support the right of a mother to kill her unborn child without either the knowledge or consent of his father or does Ms Levinson support equal rights for women?   Ms Levinson has make up her mind.

Six, it is already illegal for a employer to pay the different sexes different pay for doing equal work.    Men and women receive different pay because they tend to do different work.