Say what you will about San Juan mayor Yulin Cruz. She just isn’t very smart. She got duped by CNN and Anderson Cooper effort to make her look like a fool. See the photo.

Mayor Cruz is complaining about the lack of federal response which if she would only turn around, she would see. Maybe Mayor Cruz wants us to believe that is she doesn’t look at the aid, it does not exist.

Hat tip and reax, American Thinker.

Anderson [Cooper] didn’t ask why supplies that are so desperately needed by the people were being used as a photo prop instead.

He also didn’t comment on the fact that nine days after Hurricane Maria hit, “Less than half of the 8,000 members of the Puerto Rico National Guard are on duty” according to the Washington Post. Or how the Teamsters Union, a branch of the Democrat Party, refused to deliver supplies, instead using the hurricane as contract negotiating leverage.

Obviously, Mayor Cruz believes in the Ray Nagin and not Ronald Reagan school of leadership. If as Mayor Cruz says “people are dying”, then confiscate the idle trucks and muster up some citizens for truck driving duty.

San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz, the Bitsblog Boob of the Day.

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