Harvey Weinstein has been thrown to the rats. Barack Obama not so. In the following video New York Slimes reporter Jodi Kantor does very job of laying what is known about Affair Weinstein and what is conjecture. Then a brief mention is made of the former First Daughter’s, Malia Obama’s, internship with Weinstein, at which time CBS hostess, Gayle King, instantly presents conjecture as if it were fact, “If [President and Mrs. Obama] they would have suspected this, they would have never done it”, video:

It would be comforting to believe that loving parents would never have thrown their daughter to a predatory wolf. Of course protecting children, either born or unborn, never has exactly been a priority for President Obama.

Kantor laid out a process for sound reporting.   In, in the same studio at the same time, King than ignores every principle Kantor described s blind rush to defend the former president.   King barks too quickly.   King does not know what the former president knew, and much less what he suspected.   Given that Malia Obama is protected by the Secret Service, it is reasonable believe the government knew something.   Further, the former president has a history getting sealed court records unsealed.