The Daily Caller:

Nashville Police have identified the suspect of a mass shooting at a church Sunday morning as 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson.

Samson is being charged with murder and multiple counts of attempted murder in the attack that killed one and left at least seven other people injured at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, a town just south of Nashville, Tenn.

Samson is a bodybuilder who attended high school in Tennessee and is originally from Khartoum, Sudan, according screenshots of the suspect’s Facebook page obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation before the account was taken down.

This goes directly to what we have been saying about the way immigration has been going lately. We’re not at all careful about the people we let in. Does anybody doubt any longer that it has, and will continue to affect our culture negatively?

I think it have to be noted also that the Press has been very reluctant to name this shooter. Apparently he’s the wrong color to be so revealed. Also the wrong religion…. Being of course was the religion of peace.

I notice that they are also quite reluctant to make note of the fact that the assailant was taken down by an usher, in other words a citizen, with a gun.

Gee, I wonder why. Agenda, much?