So let’s you and I make sure that we really understand what’s going on in St Louis.

Something on the order of 350 people died last year in St.Louis from Heroin.

Yet, we see all this rioting and upset over a drug dealers death, because the cop was white and the drug dealer was Black.

Do do you understand that there is something other than reality driving all of this, yet?


I confess to envy the rented George Soros mobs having the energy to be, or at least act, enraged.    I hold to the Dinesh D’Sousa description of black cultural as pathologically defective.  Thank Lyndon Johnson for his attempt to replace black fathers with taxpayers’ dollars.    Found this 2014 nugget from World Net Daily:

Black males in St. Louis were responsible for the vast majority (63.5 percent) of crimes committed. Other groups contribute significantly less to the serious crimes in St. Louis. White males made up 17 percent of arrests, black females were 14 percent of arrests and white females only 5.3 percent of arrests.

There are other strange imbalances in arrests: Black females were arrested for 14 murders compared with three white males arrested for murder. Black females were arrested for more robberies, aggravated assaults and larcenies than white males.

These are just a few of the lowlights in a city on the verge of becoming, as U.S. News said, the most dangerous city in America.

Priorities, or lack therefore of same.