For quite a few years now I have been reposting the message that I sent immediately following 9/11 and the attacks on that day.

This year, I think I’ll just toss a link to that article, but there are a couple of things that should probably be added.

The big question was have you forgotten. That was a song that spoke as much to the Future as to the present. As I suggested in the original article what we have here is a situation of problem identification. Of infact enemy identification. As I suggested at the time it is of vital importance that we don’t forget what happened in Manhattan that day.(By the way, as I write this I am within sight of the New Freedom Tower.)

This isn’t just a situation of our remembering the events ourselves, I don’t think there’s anybody who was alive back then who could possibly forget those events.

The trouble is around half the people alive today weren’t there then. Worse, we have been as a people reticent to teach about the events of that day. There are far too many who for political expediency don’t want to be “judgemental”… In spite of their being judgemental on everything else it seems.

And so, alas, they make the ground more fertile four more such attacks, more invasion of our culture buy a culture that is an anathema to our own.

Not only must we not forget ourselves the events of 9/11 but we must teach those who come after us so that they don’t forget. We have a responsibility to the Future of the American people and the American culture. It’s a responsibility that has all too often been ignored.

Don’t be figuring don’t be figuring your kids are going to learn about these events from the public schools. Remember that the left controls education in this country. Abdicating the responsibility of teaching about such matters to the government schools is abdication of the culture. Of America.

And people, America deserves better.