So Madonna’s released a new album, and nobody noticed. Only sold about 3800 copies. Gee, I wonder why this is true. Could it be her leftist rants?

I mean, look… I understand her star has been falling for years now. But, when did it’s trajectory start downward? When she started overtly leaning left.

And of course, she isn’t alone. The trend is an overwhelmingly prevailing one… Consider the election.

Consider also, the NFL crybabies… who are now losing fans in Legion. And should we mention that NFL Commissioner Goodell is ignoring his League own rule book on this? So, he’s as much to blame as the crybaby players.

I’ve been pointing this out for decades now… And today’s headlines are replete with practical examples of the rule…. Lean left, lose the public.

No, I’m not saying these people don’t have a right to express an opinion. They most certainly do. They are free to take action on those opinions as well. Assuming it’s not burning down buildings threatening to kill cops endangering life and property and so on. I will defend to the death the right to express such opinions.

The trouble they have is the trouble they’ve always had, that being that everybody else has the same right. And, they are expressing it in larger numbers. And guess what? The fans they’re losing are the fans that have been paying their salaries until just recently. I don’t suppose that the economic damage being done to the NFL at this point by their own hand isn’t going to teach a lesson and very shortly.

And this is called Freedom. It’s also called the culture protecting itself.

The right of free speech does not shield one from societal consequences… Just governmental ones.

If these paltry few examples are not enough to convince you of the general trend, simply look around. There are many others.

And there are sure to be more such in the coming days.

One Response to “Free Speech And Consequence”

  1. Lead by the example of Richard Petty, it appears the Good Ole Boys, that is NASCAR, are lot smarter than the NFL