Lisa Senecal, Useless Toady Opinion contributor

Men must confront men who disrespect women. That’s the fight we really need.

How men interact with women is important, but even more crucial is men having the courage to challenge men who interrupt women, harass them or worse.

From just “locker room talk” during the campaign to providing a critique of the French first lady’s body, our current Oval Office resident has intensified the challenges of raising boys into good men. But the challenges are nothing new.

No deal.  I pick when and where to spill my blood.   Women, all women, are born with two X chromosomes, but not with any particular social values I need to protect.    If somebody wants to disrespect say Lena Dunham, or Michelle Obama, who am I to object.   Likewise what ever duty I have to protect women does not extend to men, like Chelsea Manning or Caitlyn Jenner.

There is no entitlement for biological women to subject to different form of social interaction as men.   If Mrs. Clinton is willing to be married to a serial abuser of women and to insult what a quarter of the voters, she has to willing to take the social heat.

I don’t go into girl’s locker rooms.   So therefore I have no desire to critique what girls say there.  If the girl’s don’t like what is said, or may be said, in boys’ locker rooms, don’t go into them.   That includes female reporters.    Consider a men’s locker room as a safe space for men.

All men are presumed to be endowed with certain inalienable rights. life, liberty, the pusuit of happiness, etc.   No one has the right to respected.   Indeed respect can not be mandated, but rather only earned.