From Lone Conservative:

The University of California Berkeley, a well-known college that has been in the spotlight for wrong reasons, has labeled and documented the strict, almost unnecessary security measures they’re taking for The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro. These security measures seem to be implemented due to Antifa and the far-left liberals who think conservative-thinking individuals are wrong, while ‘free speech’ only applies to those who think liberally.

Now, as of yesterday, UC Berkeley has announced they will offer services for teachers and student who are upset about Ben Shapiro being there and Shapiro’s speech. It doesn’t get more far-out than this.

intel, from Daily Caller:

A conservative is getting ready to speak publicly in Berkeley, and you know what that means: It’s time to engage in a frank and honest exchange of opinions between ideological opponents throw a huge riot!

Sounds like Berkley smells the Antifa rat.

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