So here we are six months out from the election and the campaign promise of repealing Obamacare hasn’t happened.

The obvious question is why.

The answer is For Better or Worse we have Republicans in Congress who do not believe the Ronald Reagan Axiom that government isn’t the solution, government is the problem. Where has the majority of Americans believed that government doesn’t belong anywhere near Healthcare, the people that they elected and re-elected apparently don’t share that view.

Frankly the whole problem could be solved with a one line bill… And turning the mess over to the free market where it belongs. The thing is they haven’t offered such a bill. That it won’t get support from Democrats is a no brainer. Trouble is it won’t get support from Republicans either.

Trouble is, we are supposedly represented by morons who don’t believe in the free market. They believe in government.

What other conclusion is there to draw?

And by the way this is precisely what I told you would happened when this abomination was put into play.