With hurricane Harvey bearing down on Corpus Christi, the nonsense has already begun from the supposedly mainstream press. Specifically, we are being told that this will be a test for the Trump presidency.

There are a couple of problems with this that unfortunately most people won’t notice.

First and foremost since when is government the first line of defense against anything? If you refuse to move out of the way of the bus that’s hurtling toward you, laws about jaywalking don’t mean much.

Secondly, comes the idea that we didn’t see this kind of billing for the storms that occurred on Barack Hussein Obama’s watch. Of course it doesn’t take a great deal of street-smart to figure out why that might be.

Finally even if government was the answer to any of the problems brought on by weather events… And far be it from me to defend Donald Trump on much of anything… But since Congress has been so wrapped up in it’s hatred for anything that has not establishment, it has apparently decided not to confirm any of the appointees that Trump put forward for the Federal Emergency Management Agency… That’s arguably crippling the agency’s ability to deal with the onrushing storm. Is that Trump’s fault or is that the fault of the “establishment at any and all cost” Congress”?

One more thought. I don’t imagine the establishment would be reacting any differently in this situation were Ted Cruz to be in the White House. This isn’t even about Democrats versus GOP anymore. This is about those in power wanting to remain so at any and all cost. I’ve made it clear repeatedly that I don’t like Donald Trump much if at all. But it does seem a little unfair to me to be pinning this one on him, already.