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The Entrenched State Versus Reality

Here we have a case of a railroad CEO mouthung precisely what the left wants to hear…

The CEO of freight railroad CSX Corp., [1]one of the largest U.S. haulers of coal, warns that the days of transporting and burning coal are numbered.

“Fossil fuels are dead,” Hunter Harrison told analysts Wednesday, according to media [2] reports [3]. “That’s a long-term view. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to be two or three years, but it’s going away in my view.”


And of course the left is press is all over this remark… And, just as obviously they’re treating it like gospel. But as I say it’s not going to happen that way. Reality keeps rearing its head.
The issue is that Harrison is mouthing exactly what the entrenched State wants to hear. Of course by the time he gets done sacrificing the railroad to the environmentalists we are going to have another case of “too big to fail” on our hands…. And we’ll have CSX being taken over by Conrail again. Isn’t that how it happened the first time around?

And by the way Mr. Harrison, if fossil fuels are dead, what are you going to run your locomotives with? Unicorn farts?

Are you seriously considering converting the entire CSX system to electricity? Even leaving aside the installation and maintenance costs of such a system you are aware aren’t you that there’s no way in hell that our national electric grid will even Supply for your minimal needs much less any room for growth. How many nuclear power plants do you propose installing so that you can run your trains?

It seems clear to me that you haven’t thought through your statement but instead are mouthing what your governmental benefactors want to hear.

Personally Ive withdrawn all my investment in CSX. With this kind of leadership there’s only one direction to go.


In watching all of this I only have one more comment. Does anyone think that the conservatives are really in control here? That we don’t have a lot of work to do on the cultural side of things?