Author’s note: this article is not about felines.

Female researcher calls women catty. Cat fight breaks out, from Atlantic:

In 2011, Kim Elsesser, a lecturer at UCLA, analyzed responses from more than 60,000 people and found that women—even those who were managers themselves—were more likely to want a male boss than a female one. The participants explained that female bosses are “emotional,” “catty,” or “bitchy.” (Men preferred male bosses too, but by a smaller margin than the female participants did.)

Hat tip and loads of reax, Professor Althouse.

Personally, I find the concept of evolutionary biology useful.  That is say that biologically we are still cavemen and cave women.    Men and women are different, not better or worse just different, because each sex has adapted to different roles.  Men are hunters.  Women gather and nurture.  Each role is essential.   The professor’s thread does nothing to shake my theory, but does provide plenty of amusement.