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Berkeley: Just Say No to Antifa

Riots in Berkeley, only the Lord knows what resides in Antifa’s collect heart. Yet we can be sure that what ever it is, it is not love.


What ever Antifa is selling, it is sure not love, and I for one am not buying it.

Hat tip and more, Professor Jacobson, Legal Insurrection [2]

Hundreds of black-clad masked Antifa rioters descended on a park in Berkeley, California, after a “No to Marxism” rally was canceled.

A few people showed up anyway, and were viciously beaten and attacked.

Mainstream media journalists caught in the middle described the Antifa rioters arriving in battle formation armed with shields (which were specifically prohibited under published police rules) and the police appearing to stand down. Journalists who were filming were repeatedly attacked by Antifa.

The far left, Antifa and their toady supporter mayors appear to be entered in a criminal conspiracy to make peaceful protest impossible. Making peaceful protest impossible will make violent protest necessary.