Do you suppose that media still considers Crystal Mangum a survivor of sexual assault?  Do you see the problem, from the Kyler Sumter, Useless Toady

Where does President Trump’s secretary of education stand on campus rape?

That question was in the air as U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos spent Thursday in meetings about Title IX — specifically as it applies to sexual assault on campus.

DeVos met with three different groups separately: advocacy groups and survivors of sexual assault, men’s rights groups and students falsely accused of sexual assault, and university administrators and Title IX coordinators.

The Toady asks the question where does President Trump stand.   The paper answers the question of where the Toady stands, and the smell is not good there.

One, buy a clue for fifty dollars. Rape and Sexual Assault are not now, or ever have been synonyms. While rape is a form of sexual assault, not all sexual assaults are rape. It is a lie to write a about a campus “rape problem” and the use claims about sexual assault as if it were some sort of proof.

Two, referring all people who complain to have been sexual assaulted as survivors treats an allegation as if it were an established fact. False accusations do happen. It is not helpful to condemn all accused as if they were guilty, i.e. the entire Duke lacrosse team.