If Lying Lizzie, b/k/a Elizabeth Warren, is so intent on a single payer health care rationing system, I insist she be the first, and last, to sign up, from Sun(UK):

The appalling statistic heaped pressure on Health Secretary ­Jeremy Hunt to come to the aid of the crisis-ravaged NHS.

AT LEAST two Brits a day are dying of thirst or starvation in our ­hospitals and care homes.

Out of sight … patients are being “forgotten to death” in a social care scandal that sparked nationwide fury last night


Malnutrition was mentioned on the death certificates of 297 patients who died in hospital during 2015, while dehydration was cited on 429.


Across the year, an average of two patients died either malnourished or dehydrated every day.

Ian Mack, whose dad died from dehydration in hospital in 2008, said: “He was absolutely forgotten to death.”

Denying water to patients in the UK is not a bug. Rather it is a feature, from Wikipedia:

The Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP) was a UK care pathway (excluding Wales) covering palliative care options for patients in the final days or hours of life. It was developed to help doctors and nurses provide quality end-of-life care. Now discredited, the LCP was widely abused as a ‘tick box exercise’, with patients being casually assessed as terminal, heavily sedated, and denied water so the diagnosis became self-fulfilling. Hospitals were also provided cash incentives to achieve targets for the number of patients dying on the LCP.[1]


While the initial reception was positive, it was heavily criticised in the media in 2009 and 2012 following the practical application by Liverpool Community Health care staff. In July 2013, the Department of Health released a statement which stated the use of the LCP should be “phased out over the next 6-12 months and replaced with an individual approach to end of life care for each patient”.[2] However, The Telegraph reported that the program was just rebranded and that its supposed replacement would “perpetuate many of its worst practices, allowing patients to suffer days of dehydration, or to be sedated, leaving them unable to even ask for food or drink.”

If government assigned physician deems that you are dying and then denies you water, you will surely die.