Look I recognize this Comey thing is a rather well beaten and deceased equine, but I’d like to try a little thought experiment. Let’s see you can work this one out for yourselves.
We are being told that the Russians were successful in getting through our security and were able thereby to manipulate our electoral system. It’s so bad we’re being told, that they won’t even tell us how bad it is.
When did this happen? 2016.
And who was in charge in 2016 of Security? Whose responsibility was that security? So what they’re saying, the Democrats and James Comey… Is that they failed utterly to perform their job.
So at the outset it appears that it was the Democrats ….and James Comey Rice, Clapper, Etc who failed this country completely in terms of keeping the place secure from outside interference. 
And that’s the best-case scenario. I haven’t gotten to the best part yet. 

The best part is that since this whole thing didn’t become an issue until such time as Hillary Clinton lost the election it would appear that all these people that are screaming bloody murder about interference from Russia in favor of Trump, were willing to suborn such interference so long as it helped Hillary Clinton.
While we’re on THAT subject, the number of connections between the Russians and the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton herself along with John Podesta and a number of others makes the whole idea of the Russians favoring Donald Trump in the presidential election laughable on its face.
So what happened here at the very least is a miserable failure on the part of the Democrats and their fellow Travelers in keeping our electoral system secure from outside interference. At worst,  and more likely, they #arranged that outside interference. There is no other option. And that’s the real big story here. The rest of it is smokescreen. And that’s becoming increasingly clear on a daily basis.