Joe Scarborough blows off First Amendment, via Legal Insurrection:

“I’m sorry, don’t want to bring religion into this, but if you are a Matthew 25 Christian and you believe what Jesus says, that we will be judged on how we treat the poorest among us, then there is no legislative justification for cutting $650 billion in health benefits. And then turning around in the same bill and benefiting the richest among us $800, $850 billion.

I’m not judging anybody. I’m just saying, if Paul Ryan or somebody had asked me beforehand, I would say, you can’t do it politically, and I’m not being self-righteous here, because I’m the last person to be self-righteous, but you can’t do it morally either.”

Well I do agree with Joe on one point, he is sorry. Biblical charity Joe is what you do with your money. On the other hand, greed is what you want to do with my money.

If Joe will withdraw his support for imposition of his particular view of Christianity, I will not support the imposition of Sharia law, which likely result in Joe’s girl friend being stoned to death.  Deal?