The question has been raised why the inability on the part of the Republicans to eliminate Obamacare in total.

Remember, I predicted this a couple of years ago, the very morning after the vote was taken in the then Democrat run Congress…

So what do we have here, in total?

We have a bill that took massive amounts of corruption, and quid pro quo , to get passed.  The fact is there was more corruption in the writing and passing of this bill and then what the Democrats have offered as heretofore, which is of course is saying something.

We have less health care, fewer doctors, longer wait times, all of these points in ample evidence in every situation where government driven health care has taken over. The history of the thing should have been alarming enough to cause the vast majority of Americans to reject the bill. (Oh, wait… they did that. Never mind)

We have more government bureaucracy, including a large expansion of the IRS, a debt load that makes our debt heretofore seem minuscule by comparison, and an inability to react a global military situations as they arise, even within our own borders.

It remains to be seen whether not the American people will react appropriately to this breach of trust … (after all the vast majority of Americans, even the majority of Democrats wanted nothing to do with this bill ) … but the bottom line is that if that mattered, the Democrats would not pursue this course in the first place.  They now have socialism built into our Healthcare system.  Even assuming a large turnover to the Republicans come November the chances of overturning this monstrosity seem small at best>

It’s as I’ve been warning for many years now. Once government grows outside of its constitutionally limited box it is nearly impossible to put it back inside that box. This is particularly true when “benefits” are involved.

Obama always knew full well his plan was not going to work as such. That was not the point of ramming that bill through. The point was to place Healthcare in the hands of government, knowing full well that as a result of its Healthcare would forever be the exclusive province of government.