Hinderaker says:

The crisis that we face is not epistemological, it is political. There is no shortage of evidence, and the truth is rather clear: liberal governance has failed. The country is awash in debt, its influence around the world is in decline, its social programs have mostly failed, its borders are porous, its governing class is corrupt and incompetent, and in recent years its leaders have not even tried to advance the interests of the American people.

That is the truth. That is why Donald Trump was elected president, and why Republicans now dominate at every level of government. And that is why liberal journalists are in a panic.

Well, okay. But wouldn’t it be nice if somebody would tell Donald Trump about this? I don’t recall him being elected on the idea that government was supposed to be in charge of healthcare for example. But he’s certainly acting as if that’s his purpose. Why else would he have climbed on board is the Single Payer Express?