I’ve written several times over the years in these spaces about Bill O’Reilly, most of it negative. On the whole I really couldn’t Possibly care less that he is now out of a job.
I am forced to complete the patterns of this thing. Consider a couple other Bill’s. Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby. 

Let’s also consider Clarence Thomas.

I will quickly point out the list of democrat sex scandals is quite a bit longer and more substantial certainly than Clarence Thomas’s was.

Notice however that not a blessed one of them was prosecuted or drummed out of office unless there was a severe Democrat Party political need to do so. That by the way includes Cosby, Justice Thomas, and now Bill O’Reilly. Their crimes? Not being leftist, that’s creating the dire political need for them to be expunged from public life.

I honestly don’t know it Bill O’Reilly is guilty or not. But for the purpose of this conversation it really doesn’t matter all that much. Because as the long list of democrat sexual escapades proves, guilt or innocence has nothing to do with Democrats attacking.

I suggest that what we are seeing is another political hit.