WLS talkshow host Stephanie Trussell…

Susan Rice is what we thought she was, a liar and a stooge for Obama’s administration. We are spiking the football because yet another scandal has been uncovered. Once our excitement wears down we will remember that it won’t make one difference to Obamanites (folks who worship the first brown POTUS).
Planned Parenthood was caught on tape selling baby body parts, Obamanites will die defending the half a billion donation we give those butchers every year.
They lied about Benghazi, Obamanites didn’t care. Donna Brazile was caught lying and cheating, Obamanites didn’t care.


Even if we caught Obama on FB Live plotting to lie, cheat and steal the election for Killary, Obamnites would yell that the KKK framed him.
Democrats have a character problem. Integrity is not a required characteristic to be hero in the Democrat Party.

Actually Stephanie, I’ll take it a step further. It’s a requirement that you not have character to be a Democrat anymore. That’s the truth of the matter.

With that qualification in place I must say that she’s come as close to the truth of the matter as anyone of late. Nothing we do now is going to make a difference, unless there is serious jail time attached to it. And frankly you and I both know that’s not going to happen.

Do you know what brought down the Nixon Administration? It wasn’t the Democrats, news media and it certainly wasn’t the court system. Essentially Nixon was removed from because Republicans in Congress had enough character to call an abuse an abuse regardless of it being in their own party.

That hasn’t been true amongst Democrats for Generations now.

One need look no further for proof some of the comments her post brought. As an example…

Not the Comment you are Stephanie W. Trussell tired of your negativity….don’t forget where you came from and at the end of the day sweetheart,YOU’RE still black. Bye bye

Clearly, here is somebody who is going to defend Obama and Company regardless of their crimes, simply because they happen to be part of the tribe. Such things are so deeply ingrained that they don’t even realize they’re doing it.

This is what we’re up against, folks.