First, a reminder of something I have said quite often:

Peace, real, lasting peace, is not a product of disavowing war, or thinking peaceful thoughts.

Nor is it the product of negotiated settlements.

Peace is the product of winning the war brought against you, with sufficient force to prevent any ideas of trying it again.


World war II was the direct result of the negotiated settlement imposed following WWI.

The current Korean troubles are the product of negotiating away our efforts in the original Korean War.

Consider, on the other hand our victories over Japan and Germany and how decisive they were , and how good and peaceful an ally each has been following that victory.

Second, the lie has been put to the assurances by the Obama crime spree that all the chemical weapons had been removed from Syria. Clearly, diplomacy didn’t work. John Kerry and Barack Obama have blood on their hands. Now it’s down to cleaning up the mess they’ve left behind.

And somehow, I get the feeling that the talks with China down in Florida on what to do about North Korea is going to have a somewhat different tone to it, now.
Oh… And as a bonus, we get to watch our leftist press give itself whiplash turning from Trump is owned by the Russians to Trump is risking war with the Russians.