I’ll get into the strategy of using mother of all bombs in another post. But for the time being, I want to attack something that I’ve been seeing going on. I’ve seen cost estimates on this thing running as high as $314M for just this one bomb.

Of course the whine is that we can feed a lot of poor with that kind of money. 
Well, first of all even if that number were true, if you don’t defeat Isis the poor are going to be the least of your problems. 

That said, let’s dive into these figures a little bit and dispel some of the rumors being spread.

The procurement of four MOABs was commissioned in October 2009 at the cost of $58.4M, ($14.6M for each bomb).

That includes the R&D.

As of the other day, we had a total of 20. The $314M figure is the cost of all 20 bombs.
Are we clear on this?