So, they swore in Gorsuch this morning.

I won’t call it a good thing because honestly, I don’t know. 

There are two points in this guy’s history that cause me serious doubt. 

First one being he clerked for Justice Kennedy. If he ends up being another Kennedy, we might just as well as let Hillary pick who she would for the post,or for that matter, Chuckles Schumer.

And that brings up another point in my list of unease. Even with all of the Smoke and heat the Democrats are putting up over this Justice, the fact of the matter is that they universally supported his nomination every time his name came up until such time as Republican nominated him. Now obviously that shows the partisanship that the Democrats feed on. This is who they are. 

But something I haven’t seen mentioned as a deduction out of this is that apparently, he wasn’t too right-wing for them back then. And I have reason to doubt that he’s changed all that much.

It has always seemed to me that the Democrats were waddling far too willingly toward Harry Reid’s nuclear option. I’m beginning to wonder if in their private counsel they are figuring that Gorsuch really isn’t all that much of a loss for them, so let the thing play out.

So not only do we have a wasted Supreme Court nomination but we also have a rule changes it’s going to come back and bite Us in the ass eventually.