Well… THIS seems to have not worked out the way they planned it… Mr. Flournoy is accused of breaking a window in the front door of the store and throwing a flaming object inside. “A note was also left at the scene near the door that stated the suspect did not want any refugee business owners […]

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davidl on April 11th, 2017

Dateline Baltimore: another day and yet another Obama appointed judge oes rogue, from Frontpage: An Obama-appointed judge is moving forward with a federal takeover of the Baltimore, Md. police department that critics say will boost crime there by handcuffing police officers in the increasingly violent city. The pleas of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fell […]

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Eric Florack on April 11th, 2017

Face it. Had it occurred any place but the school the murder-suicide out in San Bernardino probably wouldn’t have rated even a blip on the news cycle. On the other hand if it wasn’t a gun-free zone it probably wouldn’t have occurred there at all.

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