So, Rachel the Mad Cow succeeded in coming up with a ratings blip.

All that means is she managed to expose herself as Geraldo Rivera with a better mustache to more people than usual.

AND …for what? Like Al Capone’s vault, was nothing in the report to do any damage whatsoever to Trump. And after all, we know that’s why she hyped the story to the degree that she did.

Meanwhile we are still left with the questions that I asked the other day…

where did she get Trump’s tax return from?

And as a bonus when are we going to see repercussions against Maddow and NBC for this obviously illegal act?

I must confess that it would do my heart good to see her being frog-marched out of the studio and being told to “lean forward” as she enters the Paddy wagon.

But unlike the Mad Cow herself I am realistic enough to understand that there will be absolutely no impact against this individual. If it comes down to it and there is any possibility of actual punishments for her legal misdeeds, we will simply be overwhelmed with women wearing those cute little pink hats with the ears. .. charging us with racism or sexism more something made up on the spot.