You might have even noticed that earthquake yesterday.

“Hello, Bob,” Trump began. “So, we just pulled it.”

Trump was speaking, of course, of the Republican plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, a plan that had been languishing for days amid unrest throughout the party as the president and his allies courted members and pushed for a vote.

Before I could ask a question, Trump plunged into his explanation of the politics of deciding to call off a vote on a bill he had been touting.

In the simplest terms what we have here is the establishment GOP along with the Donald being put on notice that the conservatives will not be lightly brushed aside again.

Trump and Ryan particularly have nobody to blame for all this but themselves. They tried lording it over everybody else and it’s not going to work. They told us for quite a while that they didn’t need the conservatives. Obviously, they found out differently… If they want anything at all they’re going to have to play ball with the conservatives. And the fact of the matter is that conservatives have far more power than either Ryan or Trump want to admit.

Message for Little Donny… Eliminate Obamacare entirely. Don’t just dress it up. Don’t just put lipstick on the pig. Kill it. Then come back and we’ll talk. Not before.

The lesson was taught yesterday. Was it learned?