The Constitution empower the federal government to conduct a census once every ten years.    A census is no more than a count of living noses, or living hands, divided by two.   Other than the number of noses living in my residence, there nothing else the federal government needs to know.   There is no other information which I would entrust the federal government to protect.

Yet for reasons totally unknown to rational men, some pervert or perverts in the Census Bureau wanted to inquire into your sexual behavior, from Out:

Expectations that the 2020 census might start including LGBTQ subjects were raised and then quickly dashed on Tuesday after the U.S. Census admitted that it had “inadvertently” included “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” in a long-awaited report outlining new categories for the survey. In response, GLAAD’s CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, branded the move as a “systematic effort on behalf of the Trump administrationn to erase LGBT people.”

Last year, various federal agencies urged the Census Bureau to include sexual orientation and gender in their data as it was crucial to their role in enforcing the law. The survey, which has been conducted every ten years since 1790, includes a wide range of questions designed to gather data on everything from languages spoken to household plumbing facilities. The current census, however, only allows for a snapshot of same-sex households, but Democrats in Congress had pushed for more specific questions around sexual orientation and gender identity to improve results. The logic was simple: With more focused questions law makers would be better equipped to ensure appropriate legislation to improve the lives of LGBTQ citizens.

For example, a white heterosexual male, would be in danger of being sent to a reeducation camp should the democrats ever return to power.