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Doctor Ben Carson on Slave Immigration

Doctor Ben Carson characterized slaves brought into our nation as “immigrants”, albeit, involuntary immigrants:

“I think people need to actually look up the word immigrant,” Carson said. “Whether you’re voluntary or involuntary, if you come from the outside to the inside, you’re an immigrant. Whether you’re legal or illegal, you come from the outside to inside, you’re an immigrant. Slaves came here as involuntary immigrants but they still had the strength to hold on.”

In response some media outlets have gone utterly bonkers, here is Red State [1]:

As I said elsewhere, they didn’t “come” to America. They were brought to America, against their will.

To paraphrase a reader from the original post: If you use chloroform to knock out an individual at a bar, drag them back to your home and chain them up in your basement, does that make them an “involuntary houseguest”?

I note the high irony of Red State attempting to explain proper English grammar.

Further, the lame stream media seems more than happy to slap the label of immigrant on any person either sets foot in the United States or attempts to do so, no matter what their purpose, legal or otherwise. If in say 1941 the Wehrmacht had marched down Fifth Avenue, the New York Times would have called them immigrants..