In part what makes make the social justice warriors so vile, is the fact they are immune to reason, consistently exhibit behavior they claim to deplore, but proceed from smug sense of inherent moral superiority.   An articulation of the idea, from one Laurie Penny, social justice warrior, via Small Dead Animals:

No matter how charming the right are, don’t become one of them. No matter how spiteful the left can be, don’t lose faith or stop fighting.

An example of the idea, from NBC News, via Don Surber:

The Corps said oil erosion and pollution — which it attributed to the “unauthorized placement of structures, vehicles, personal property, and fires” on the land over the course of more than six months — could result in contaminated runoff into both rivers.

“As stewards of the public lands and natural resources, we have a responsibility to the public to prevent injuries and loss of life,” said U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District Commander, Col. John Henderson. “We must also ensure our precious water resources are free from pollution due to human activities and respect for all who rely on this water for their livelihoods.”


Environmentalists are watermelons — green on the outside and red in the midle.

They do not want to save the Earth.

They want to stop capitalism.

Can the planet survive the social justice warrior’s effort to save it?