I believe I warned that this would happen.

A group of prominent Republicans and business leaders pitched a tax on carbon dioxide to top White House aides Wednesday, selling the plan as an economic win that could drive job growth and yield environmental dividends too.

Former Secretary of State James Baker and other members of the new “Climate Leadership Council” pressed the case in a 45-minute meeting in the Roosevelt Room that included President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser Gary Cohn, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and senior aide Kellyanne Conway.

“The signs were very encouraging,” Ted Halstead, who founded the council, said after the meeting. “Two weeks into this new administration, we have positioned our solution as the most promising climate solution — if they want to go there.”

I’d like to think that the administration is smart enough not to go there… but frankly I’ve seen no evidence of that yet.

People this is exactly what I told you what happened in the primaries if you’ll recall.

In the end my dear readers, there is no difference between a leftist Democrat and a leftist Republican. If he turns of these morons. I’ll be the first one to cheer. But that he and his team are even giving these people the time of day tells me I will never have to.