The potty wars saga continues.  The right of privacy amuses me.  It is held to prevent government intrusion into bedrooms but seems powerless of prevent state intrusion into restrooms.  Go figure.

In a long overdue act of sanity, the Trump Administration has call a halt to federal government war on privacy in school restrooms, from Washington Blade:

Despite pleas from parents of transgender children and LGBT employees, the Trump administration is set Tuesday to rescind Obama-era guidance to schools barring discrimination against transgender students and ensuring they have access to the restroom consistent with their gender identity.

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, told the Washington Blade on Monday she’s heard from “reliable sources” President Trump has green-lighted the plan for the Justice Department and Education Department to send a “Dear Colleague” letter to schools rescinding the guidance.

“This is the first day of the president’s second month in office and he is now fully coming after LGBT people,” Keisling said.

Now a word about Ms Keisling language, or abuse of, her term LGBT denote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual.  The former three terms refer to person’s choice of preferred choice of sexual partner.  Only the last term refers to a population clamoring to use the restroom reserved for the other sex.  So keeping the trannies out their preferred choice of restroom in no way infringes on the LGB right to choose the sexual partner of their choice.

“I’m angry; I’m outraged. This is about kids who just want to go to school who just want to be themselves, and to hear the president a week or two ago talk about how supportive he is of LGBT people, it’s just outrageous that he go after trans kids this way.”

Removal of the guidance would fulfill a campaign promise from Trump.

Let boys use the boys’ room, and girls the girls’ room.  Having one rule may or may not be perfect, but it is hardly discrimination.