Over at Politico, one Natasha Korecki declares that President
Trump wages war on Chicago:

The president barely gets through a few days without sounding off on Chicago violence, often casting the nation’s third largest city as a war-torn wasteland. He whacked it yet again on Twitter Thursday evening, then followed with another haymaker Friday morning in his CPAC speech.


While it’s long been a favorite target of conservatives who view it as a den of Democratic voter fraud and a Midwestern metropolis with tough gun laws that do nothing to quell violence, Trump’s frequent potshots have struck a nerve, leaving local officials to wonder what’s behind the obsession with Chicago.

Conservative legend has it that it was the dead voters of Chicago who gave us President John F. Kennedy, and it was Kennedy who gave us the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall and the War in Vietnam. What is not to hate?

Jumping ahead a few decades, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s People’s Republic of Chicago has waged a success war on both the Second Amendment and the lives of her own people.

What ever Emanuel is doing in Chicago it is clear that is not working and has not been working for a long time.  To quote myself from 2012:

Meanwhile Back in the People’s Republic of Chicago

While I have been negligent in tracking the shootings and the murders in the People’s Republic of Chicago, Professor William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection has taken up the slack,

Chicago is a war zone, and there is no need to declare war on city intent on killing herself.