Uh huh….

Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov is a Russian government operative who admits to having contact with people in America during the last presidential election cycle. Lavrov says that going back as far as 2014, he had an informant inside the United States that discussed matters of national security for both countries, including the invasion of Crimea in Ukraine and the hacking of the DNC in the United States.

Lavrov’s contact, however, was not from inside the Trump campaign or even the Clinton campaign, his name is John Tefft and he worked for the Obama State Department. Tefft is said to have had lengthy conversations with Lavrov and many of his aides and even spent time during summits in face-to-face meetings with him.

Democrats are screaming about Richard Flynn and Paul Manafort and the possibility that President Trump may have colluded with the Russians when in reality the largest breach of our government came from the Obama administration. 

Do you understand yet?