The federal government has no constitutional role in education. The entire idea of a federal Department of Education was meant as political favor to teachers’ union, and not as vehicle to advance our nation’s education. History was made today, from Rewire:

Longtime conservative donor Betsy DeVos was confirmed in her role as secretary of the U.S. Department of Education Tuesday after a contentious battle in the U.S. Senate over her nomination.

The 51-50 confirmation went through when Vice President Mike Pence cast a historic vote on the matter, breaking a tie after Republican Sens. Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) opposed DeVos. Pence is the first vice president in the country’s history to cast a tie-breaking vote for a cabinet nomination.

Our public school system is so good that our politician ensure that their children never have to attend them.   The ‘rats oppose Devos not because the care the least bit about your child’s education but rather they need the teachers union’s campaign support, from Marianas Variety:

Here is one possibility: The Democratic party in reality is the cartoon version of the Republican party stood on its head, with cold-eyed self-serving economic interests using the so-called social issues to stir up the rubes while they go about seeing to their own paydays and pensions.

The economic interests attached to the Democratic party are fairly easy to identify: people who work for government at all levels. You may come across the occasional Ron Swanson in the wild, but when it comes to the teachers’ unions — which are the biggest spender in U.S. politics — or the AFSCME gang or the vast majority of people receiving a taxpayer-funded paycheck, the politics of the public sector is almost exclusively Democratic. And what they care about isn’t social justice or inequality or diversity or peace or whether little Johnny can use the ladies’ room if his heart tells him to — they care about getting paid.

One small step.